Cine en las Arribes del Duero

Cine en las Arribes del Duero
Doctor Zhivago, La Cabina, Del Pirineo al Duero...

Mapa de La Ribera del Duero en 1641, durante la invasión portuguesa

Cascada del Remolino. ARRIBES DEL DUERO

lunes, 15 de febrero de 2010

PNDI - Arribes del Duero: Cultural Guideline

Summary of websites and blogs with Cultural and Historical contents in both Natural Parks:
Natural Park in Arribes and Parque do Douro Internacional. Portugal - Spain.


More visited blogs: MOGADOURO CASTELO BRANCO (Freguesía de Mogadouro) Cultural landscapes from Tras-Os-Montes region.

About the "Spanish Independence War in Salamanca" (1808-1812)

To discover linguistical values from "old Ribera habla", "Lumbrales language" and tradicional Tales, "Cancionero Salmantino":

Official websites do not offer further information from Cultural aspects and Monuments or History:

-"La Salina"  Diputación de Salamanca Province:

-Cultural Heritage in "Junta de Castilla y León":

"The Houses of the Park" in Fermoselle and Sobradillo usually offer cultural visits and expositions, bus their own webs, usually, do not dedicate cultural details:

"Parque do Douro Internacional", located in MOGADOURO:

presents an interesting section, "digital library" where you can afford further information from this old portuguese region, and etnologhical matters:

This Guide is not complete, and when I find out more websites i will publish them.

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