Cine en las Arribes del Duero

Cine en las Arribes del Duero
Doctor Zhivago, La Cabina, Del Pirineo al Duero...

Mapa de La Ribera del Duero en 1641, durante la invasión portuguesa

Cascada del Remolino. ARRIBES DEL DUERO

viernes, 1 de abril de 2011

Aldeadávila Dam: little secrets (I)

Salto de Aldeadávila, Iberdrola. ARRIBES de SALAMANCA.

River Douro Canyon, in Aldeadavila. SPAIN

Aldeadavila Dam located in the border between Spain and Portugal, inside Arribes National Park, is one of the largest and beautiful engineering dam from IBERDROLA company.

Doctor Zhivago production (David Lean, 1965) was filmed here, the first scenes and the complete end, in  summer, July 1965.

"The dam you see in Doctor Zhivago (the movie) is the Aldeadávila Dam near Salamanca city, Spain. Built from 1956 to 1962, Aldeadávila is the largest hydroelectric dam in Spain.

Get this: Aldeadávila is only 492 feet high. It looks much higher because of its location in a narrow gorge and because the filmmakers (director David Lean and cinematographers Freddie Young and Nicholas Roeg) used a short focal length lens to shoot the dam from above. Lenses with short focal lengths tend to exaggerate the distance between objects in the foreground and objects in the background. This made the Aldeadávila Dam look even taller in the film than it really is."



Ignacio S. Galán, IBERDROLA first executive, attending a radio program, in Aldeadávila Dam.

The Big rock located in Aldeadavila dam, before its construction, 1958.

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Also "La Cabina" (tepehone box) was filmed in this Canyon, Aldeadavila Hidropower plant in 1972. Was directed by Mercero, and his lonely actor the fabolus José Luis López Vázquez, recently died.

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